Thursday, April 01, 2010

31st March 2010: Labyrinth centrepiece installed

Priory Park's Labyrinth has been completed by the installation of the central piece of artwork: a 2 m diameter marble maze, mirroring the design of the Labyrinth itself. This tiltable artwork should provide a challenge for Priory's younger visitors: can they guide the two cricket-ball sized wooden 'marbles' to the centre of the maze.

The artwork's installation was challenging enough: echoes of Its a Knockout as the parts of the maze - the maze itself and its glass top - were manouevred into position, passing through the gaps in the Labyrinth towards the centre. Getting the glass through without scratching or damaging it saw three of the Rangers and Susannah Oliver (the artwork's designer) carefully attaching and removing glass carrying handles (the ones with the suckers on each end) as it (and we) passed through the gaps.

The picture shows Susannah with the finished piece. The maze itself is decorated with images taken from designs drawn by local school children and echo some of those now seen on the outside of the Labyrinth itself.

The Labyrinth will be further complemented later this year with the installation of a natural play area close by. Current plans include a large mound with slide from which the Labyrinth (and the wider park) can be viewed. Work has already started on opening up an area of woodland near the back of the Labyrinth and further works are scheduled for later in the year.
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