Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guided Walk - 26th August 2012

It's that time of the month again so we gathered by the visitor centre for an 8am start for this months bird walk. It's a bit of a tricky time as far as birds go at the moment. Migration has started but it's mainly just stuff leaving and none of the winter stuff arriving just yet.

We started off with a look over the main lake, highlighting the plumage variations of the juvenile Great Crested Grebe compared to the adults. There were three Common Terns about and a couple of Reed Warblers in the reed bed at the VC end. Chiffchaffs could be heard calling in the scrub behind the VC and around the Labyrinth.

We headed down the Steps and around to the Rough where the ringers were at work. We were in time for a couple of birds, a lovely little Long-tailed Tit and red headed Blackcap. The next net round drew a blank so we moved on, down past the Sedgewick Seat and out into the Meadow where we picked up the Spotted Flycatcher found by DK a little earlier. This is quite unusual in the park so it was great for one to turn up on the walk. It showed very well, sitting while everyone got good views through the scope.

Moving on I picked up Bullfinch calls and managed to spot a female in the Long Hedge at the south end of the Woodland walk. I got the scope onto it and then the male joined the female in the same scope view, brilliant! Again everyone got views of both birds before we moved on.

Next stop was the STW to look over 100 Acre, on the way we had 5 Goldfinch in the dead tree by the New Cut, 4 Adults and a juvenile which was nice to see for comparison.

On the first lake on 100 Acre the pair of Little Grebes with the young were visible again although only 2 youngsters today, there were 3 yesterday. The young are very small with both still able to ride on the adults back together, seems quite late but hopefully they should be OK if they can dodge the predators.

Back in the park and the next stop was the Canoe Slalom where we had a single Grey Wagtail which showed quite well before flying off towards the river. Back to the main lake and along the south side we found four Tufted Ducks and while we watched those a mixed party of House Martins and Swallows flew low across the lake heading south west.

Next stop was the Catfish Seat where a couple of Reed Warblers were noisily going about their business in the reed bed.

Those were the highlights of a very pleasant walk this morning. Thanks to the five people who joined me this morning. Next month the walk is on the 23rd September and we are back to a 9am start. Meet at the Visitor Centre.