Monday, August 25, 2008

Bank Holiday Monday catch

It should have been a better day than it was!
Overcast most of the time with a fair breeze - although sheltered in the 'rough'.
19 birds caught all told, but it dried up about 09:30.
Highlights were 2 more (very) young Song Thrushes, 8 young Goldfinches out of about twice that feeding on the thistles, 3 Robins, 1 each of the common Sylvias incl. a very fat (heavy) Garden W.
The Swifts did turn up eventually; we counted 19. The Sparr was up early and returned overhead when the martins collected; it had at least 2 unsuccessful attempts to bring one down. Both parties were at full tilt! Magnifico!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ringing Report

A report covering the last 20 years has just been published by the Ivel RG. A copy has been lodged at the Bedford Central Library and at Bedford Museum. These are available for public reference.
The report covers all the species that have been caught in the park, all recoveries and controls and the longest durations between trapping dates. Tables shew the numbers of new birds caught and the CES results year on year. The report includes photographs.