Monday, May 11, 2009

CES ringing - 11/05

A very windy day compared to yesterday; on the limit for mist-netting passerines. All birds were caught in the bottom two panel, needless to say.

5 new adults, 7 juveniles & 4 retraps - Wren 1, Dunnock 3 (1 juv), Robin 4 juvs, Blackbird 1 juv, Song thrush 1 juv, Reed warbler 1, Garden warbler 2, Chiffchaff 1, Bullf 2 (a pair); 17 birds in all.
The 2 retrap Dunnocks were from Nov'05 & June'03, the new (female) Garden Warbler carried fat3 and bp1 so was most likely fresh in (or stopping over) and the Bullies were a pair of 'teenagers' (he had no PJ ogc's)

Other birds - Hobby, 15+ Swifts early, plus a party of 9 'screamers' mid-morning, and the Swans on the main lake hatched off 6 cygnets (yesterday?) while 'she of Fingers' is still sitting, ignoring 'himself' chasing the Canadas [which gives us pleasure].