Monday, September 30, 2013

Guided Walk - Sunday 29th September

Good weather and a good turnout for the guided bird walk, shame the same couldn't be said for the birds. It's still a bit quiet around the park with few signs that migration is kicking into high gear. There are a few ducks in now with the Gadwalls in reasonable numbers and a few Teals the highlights. A couple of wigeon have been around but have disappeared this weekend. I also had a good size party of Tufted Ducks lined up on the main lake ready for the start of the walk until a speed boat from the sailing club put them all up and they departed north east.

We heard a Buzzard calling while we were in Kramer hide but were unable to locate it when we came out.

It was nice to see a couple of Little Grebes back on the Finger Lakes, a sure sign of Autumn.They were incredibly well camouflaged in the lilies, I even lined them up in the scope and people still couldn't make them out!

Those that lasted until the end of the walk were treated to a couple of gems with brief views of Grey Wagtail on the Beach, unfortunately spooked by a family with a dog. Best of the day was the Kingfisher which got up from the Canoe Slalom and flew past the group giving all good views.

With the sailing boats out on the main lake there wasn't much to see so we headed along back river before cutting up the west side of the park. There was a party of Starlings in the brambles behind the sailing club which was the final action of the day. These are not that common in the park although often seen passing over, on their way to or from roost.

Other birds of note outside of the guided walk were Mistle Thrush, Chiffchaff, Sparrowhawk, Lapwing and Little Egret.

Hopefully there should be more ducks in by the next guided walk which is on Sunday 27th October at 9am, meet outside the visitor centre.