Saturday, November 17, 2007

17th November extras

Bunged up with a cold so just did Fingers after DJB. DK had 12 Siskins & 2 Goosander fly-overs. Clocked the 3 L.Egrets & watched 2 fly off east (to Cardington/Cople?). For me - good views of 3 Goldcrest, ca.8 Bullfinch, Treecreeper, fem. Gt.Spot, & W.Rail. The waterbirds had (nearly) all disappeared under the trees, I think. Not as many Golfinch as earlier in the week, but Blackbirds seemed up to me. Song Thrushes very vocal. The walk round (anti-clockwise) was undisturbed except for all the birds singing or calling. Pleasant, if chilly. Didn't feel up to ringing, even though it promised to be good. Never mind.

17th November

Arrived at the park at around 08:30 and did a scan of the main lake. A kingfishers call caught my attention and further scans picked it up skimming low above the lake from the Beefeater corner to the island where it perched for a while. Another quick scan and to my surprise 3 Little Egrets were in the South West corner of the main lake with a couple of Herons. They remained until 10:00 when two left but the third was still there when i left just after 10:30.

I headed off down to Fingers and along the spit. A couple of Shoveller were in Lillypads swimming from the reedbeds to the far end where they joined up with a another 3 Shoveller. A solitary male Teal was under the overhanging trees near the dead seat.

At the north end of the spit another Shoveller flushed from close to the bank of East Fingers. Also on East Fingers were a pair of Gadwall, which flew off and a Tufted Duck, 4 Little Grebe were in the south east corner.

On the return along the spit another pair of Shoveller flew into Lillypads. Little of note in the Crescent so I headed round to Kramer hide where, as usual, there seemed to be little about but a scan with the bins located a female Gadwall and a couple of Little Grebe on the south side. Two male Teal flew in and commenced their strange bleating calls.

Leaving the hide I continued around the back of Fingers past the Sedgewick seat locating a further 3 male Teal and two pairs of Shoveller. The Rough was very quiet with only a few Goldfinch making themselves known. A Kingfisher flew to a perch in the trees by the dead seat.

Leaving Fingers I did a circuit of the main lake. At the hide there were two Pochard and another Kingfisher was heard. By the time I reached the south west corner only 1 of the Little Egrets remained. I did a quick count of the Great Crested Grebes when I got back to the visitor centre and got to 53 but there were almost certainly more skulking behind the island.

And to finish off another Kingfisher flew low across the water to the Beefeater corner of the lake. A very good, if cold, morning. Why not join us next weekend (Sunday) when Errol will be leading another guided walk around the park. Meet, 9am, at the visitor centre.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

15th Nov

Beautiful sunshine after a frost. I made it 48 GCG on the main lake today. About a dozen Pochard and 6 Tufteds, too; didn't count the Shoveler. Five species of gull at one point. 12 Fieldfare lifted off W late am. On Fingers 9 L.Grebe (+1 on m/l), Shoveler, 14+ Moorhen & a pair of Wigeon. Water Rail in the crescent. Other birds included - Chiff, Bullfinch, 3 Gt.Spot., a few Redwings, plenty of Blackbirds, small parties of Goldies, a male Sparr & 3 Song Thrushes. The berries are disappearing fast except along Priory Wall.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mon 12th Nov

A glorious, if cold, day. Little Egret sitting in willow in full view on fingers until midday (when it flew off), its blue bill very visible. 2 Water Rails squealling in the crescent, too. Several Bullfinch pairs very apparent today in the bush/tree tops in conservation area. Again, a large flock of 30+ Goldfinches, picking up a few Siskins each time there was a "dread". 24 Cormorants busy fishing the main lake - unlike the Herons that seemed to be off-duty and enjoying the sunshine.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Windy walk

Sun 11th - a late walk around the park with the dogs. Main lake held - 15 Greylags, 24 Cormorant, 29+ GC Grebe and a fair few Common Gulls (they look real good). Fingers had - several Shoveler, 2+ Teal, 4 L Grebe, and 6 Herons sheltering from the wind. Leaning on the Rough gate, a flock of c.30 Goldfinch got up & at least 2 Siskin with them. The Labyrinth is nearly finished - just need to put the path surfaces down. At least 8 H.Sparrows round the Centre.

A rather blustery day!

A windy start with cloud to start with but clearing. The park was fairly quiet birdwise the most activity being around the rough with a number of small birds including Bullfinch and Goldfinch.

On Fingers:
Shoveller 3m2f
Tufted Duck 1m
Teal 2m
Little Grebe 9
Heron 4 (2 others on the main lake and 1 on Kingsmead)
also a number of Mallards, some Moorhens and the Swan family.

On the main lake there were good numbers of Cormorant, GC Grebe and Canada Geese. A single Greylag Goose was with the Canadas.