Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday 21/07/2012

Once again it was pretty quiet in the park but at least the weather had taken a turn for the better. It's quiet on the bird front with some of the migrants already on the way back south. 

DK reported yet another brood of Great Crested Grebes on the main lake. These guys are still small and riding on the adults back. No idea where the nest was! This is the best year I can remember for GC Grebe breeding success.

On Fingers the Tufted Duck family are down to 4 youngsters. They are all accomplished divers now but still vulnerable to predation. 

We found this Brown Hawker dragonfly in the Rough and it stopped hunting for a few moments to allow us a quick photo. I think the name Brown Hawker doesn't do it justice. The wings are gold and as it is hawking around with the sun shining it is quite stunning.
Brown Hawker
We came across our first Gatekeeper of the year and, soon after, another one. The sunshine was really tempting out the insects.
This Grey Heron was posing on the side of the Canoe Slalom.
Grey Heron
It's the July guided bird walk next week, on Sunday 29th at 8am. It's generally a quiet time of year for the birds but hopefully we'll have a few dragonflies and butterflies to fill in any gaps. Hope to see you there.