Sunday, June 26, 2011

Guided Walk Sunday 26/06/2011

Six people for the walk this morning and a good start with an Oystercatcher flying in and settling on the lawn in front of the sailing club. Yesterdays Sand Martins had moved on so it was just Swifts over the main lake today. Plenty of singing going on from the migrants and residents alike so all the usual suspects were heard and identified.

From the Spit a Green Woodpecker was spotted on one of the dead branches on the west side of the Finger lakes. It was soon seen off by a territorial Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Great-crested Grebe and Mute Swan families were seen on east Fingers and the Coot families were on west Fingers. Along with plenty of Mallards, males now taking on eclipse plumage during the moult. Males in various stages of eclipse could be seen.

In the Crescent Reedbed a number of Reed Warblers were heard and seen. A Reed Bunting was also singing.

We headed along the Navigation Channel and stopped to identify the Carrion Crows and Jackdaws on Kingsmead. Also of interest were the various stages of the Ladybird which could be seen on the Nettles. A little further along the NC a Sedge Warbler was singing and showing well.

Circling around we headed back to Finger Lakes with good numbers of butterflies in the meadow before we entered by the Sedgewick Seat. Meadow Browns were most numerous along with a few Whites and Commas.

Behind the Sedgewick Seat I spotted a large dragonfly hanging from a nettle leaf, later identified as a female Emperor. It stayed put long enough to get the scope on it and everyone had a good view.

Next stop was the Rough where another CES ringing session was going on. We were just in time for EG and DH to check the nets, returning with 4 birds. Pick of the bunch was a Song Thrush. Thanks once again to EG and DH.

Not a lot else of note as we headed back to the Visitor Centre and the end of the walk.

Next bird walk is July 24th at 8am.

Not a lot else as we departed