Saturday, June 30, 2007

Week ending 30th June

Dreadful weather - 86mm rain this month and still counting! Last weekends ringing produced 21 youngsters out of 36 - 3 wrens, 2 chiffs, treecreeper, 2 blackies, 6 blackcap, 4 redbreasts (only one getting a red bosom), whitethroat & 2 gardens. Also one hybrid willow-chiff. [This has been a feature of the site for some years - parents may be a straight cross (shortage of willows) or may be a chiff or willow with a hybrid]. Adults included wren, sedge, snog thrush, 3 dunnox, greenfinch, 3 blackies, 2 blackcap and a garden.
Both Turtle Doves seen (definitely nesting). The Mandarin seen mid-week. The Grebe had four youngsters and is now trying to avoid the fishermen. Plenty of Swift activity. Up to 200 Smarties at times. Hobby. Sparr. Green Wood. Sedges singing well - a better, if later, year? Reed Warblers "very chatty" in the crescent but more "studious" along the path (the latter back and forth feeding - young?). Some of the reeds around the lake look in a sorry state but there's been a shortage of 'green stuff' and the swans and geese have ragged the fresh phrag. as it's grown. 16-20 terns at times fishing the main lake. Huge dead Pike on Fingers (opp. "dead seat"). Early mornings and the Canadas are spread way into the new meadow. Still plenty of song - but not for much longer.
Went to Minsmere on Fri. - different list of birds there, though.