Tuesday, February 05, 2013

February Volunteers

We had another great turnout for the volunteer session in the park on Sunday, lots of new faces too which is always good to see.

The task was based in the Rough and under the direction of bird ringer EG we cut back the scrub to try to keep the habitat similar to the state it was in last year. This is done because of the CES ringing project which is carried out in this area each year. The CES (Constant Effort Site) project relies on the habitat staying the same from one year. Everything remains constant, habitat, amount of nets used, number of visits and time spent on each visit. This way results can be compared across the years and trends can be determined.

Back to the task and the weather remained dry all day which was unexpected and with all the hands on deck we managed to clear most of the areas that needed work and burned most of the brash.

Great job by everyone, hope to see everybody back again next month March 3rd 9am-3pm - Scrub Management, meet at the Visitor Centre.

For more information about the CES project click here.

Interested in learning to ring birds? Contact the Ivel Ringing Group for more information.