Monday, March 21, 2016

19/03/2016 - flooding subsides

The flood water went down very quickly last week with just the Finger Lakes remaining at a higher level. Everywhere around the park is accessible now except for the Crescent where you still need wellies to get through.

100 Acre is a little less accessible, you definitely need your wellies over there and the final field is still too deep for wellies. Having said that it's well worth having a look over there as it was a wader fest on Saturday afternoon.

Redshank 6+
Dunlin 2
Lapwing 60+
Golden Plover 150+
Snipe 30+ (May have been as many as 50 but not sure if the 20 I saw was just a sub group of the 30)

2 Ruff were also reported by others in the morning.

Other noteables were:

Pintail 3 (2m1f)
Buzzard 3

1 Rock Pipit was also reported by others in the morning.

9 of the Oystercatchers
Back in the park the first Sand Martin of the year was reported by DK this week. The geese are taking up positions on the main lake island. Looks like we may have 3 nesting species this year with the Canadas, Greylags and possibly a pair of Egyptians. The high water in the Finger lakes seems to have put the geese off for now.

With the high water on 100 Acre scuppering plans to photograph the Little Grebes again this year I spent Sunday morning on the Finger Lakes hoping the Great Crested Grebes might display. They are building but don't seem that excited about the task and I didn't see any displaying, although they did disappear for a while. One of the birds did catch a nice Perch, I assume it was the male as the other bird quickly arrived on the scene hoping for a gift but that never materialised and the male managed to get it down eventually. The male often catches a fish and presents it to the female to strengthen the pair bond. It shows the female that he is capable of providing for her and her young but this guy obviously still has a bit to learn!

Male catches a Perch

Female arrives hoping for a breakfast gift

Great Crested Grebe
The Finger Lakes Mute Swan family is down to 3 remaining young. The adults seem to be tolerating them at the moment but they seldom spend time with them now and I'm sure they'll get the boot soon so the pair can get on with the business of producing another batch of youngsters this year.

Adult male Mute Swan (Orange 180)

Male Tufted Duck
Easter Sunday is the next guided bird walk. The clocks also go forward 1 hour at 1am so don't forget to change them. The walk starts at 9am and we meet outside the visitor centre.