Friday, October 19, 2007

`Fri 19th

A cold (2 degC) and misty morning with the river in flood. 13 GCG fishing at the north end of the lake where there wasn't any "rising steam" but moved down towards the beach as the mist subsided. Wigeon and Gadwall stayed in "the steam". Small parties of Jackdaw moving west, too late to be our roosting birds which leave at sun-up or earlier. At least half a dozen Fieldfare this morning, chacking in the hawthorns. Just 2 Shoveler on "lilypads, which was dark and dismal as the sun hadn't reached it yet. However, in the shallow, reedy end there were 4 Little Grebe. A lone Siskin flew about calling before it settled along the main path. The first Sky Larks began moving west at 9am. A Chiff was calling from the main lake side of the "rough", and a family party of Bullfinch was feeding in the willows, etc between the beach and the Kramer hide. A Mistle Thrush passed over north.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

17/18th Oct

Wed - a short wander in the late morning after family duties produced a noisy Water Rail in the crescent that liked the sound of its own voice. Fresh in, I shouldn't wonder! Not much else; 16 Cormorant, 13 GCGs, 6 Shoveler and some Bullfinches was about it. Weather was lovely.
Thur - decided to put a couple of nets up from noon 'til teatime. Hereabouts. a singing Chiff was pleasing, plenty of Goldfinch still (at least 20), some Redwings busy blogging. Totals - Gt.Tit 5 (+4), Blue Tit 1 (1), Wren (1), Robin 1, Greenfinch 3, Redwing 2, Blackbird 2, Treecreeper 1.
DK had a Blackcap 18th and says that the Egrets are coming in every night at present. There was a R-C Pochard on the main lake early this morning, too.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

14th Oct

A quick skirmish in the rough, with a few nets saw the following taken down (in my note book!!). Wren 1(1),Blackbird 1(2), Redwing 3, Goldcrest (1), Lotti 1(1), Bluti 3, Greti 5(1), Chaffinch 3 (all F), Greenfinch 3, Goldfinch 1.
Other birds about were - small parties of Fieldfare, mainly early on, a steady stream of ones and two (one plus a wingman) of Sky Larks going SW, 8 Greylags W as the fog lifted, a male Bullfinch, several Siskins flew over calling when I couldn't see them (tree cover), a male Sparrohawk paid us several visits and a party of five Jackdaws. Anglers on the spit precluded a "duck count", but party of 13 Starlings over instead.