Sunday, March 13, 2016

12/03/2016 - Flooding at Priory CP

Very wet around the park this weekend. The water levels have come up further than shown in these pictures, by Dave Kramer, from Saturday morning.

Access around the Finger lakes is restricted to the Spit and the north side although Wellies are a must. There is no access around the main lake as the Leat has overflowed the path and is too deep for wellies, so no access to Press Mead.

North end of the flower meadow

Flower meadow looking towards the navigation channel and Kingsmead at the back

Change of plan no way through to Press Mead, the Leat normally passes under the path!
Last weekend the volunteers were out on Riverside clearing back the path around Riverside Pond and finishing off some cutting back along the riverside path. It was a smaller turnout than usual, probably due to it being Mothering Sunday but we got a lot of work done so thanks again to all who helped out. The next Sunday Volunteers task is still to be confirmed but join us on the 3rd of April between 9am and 3pm. Contact the Rangers here for more details.