Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday 24th February 2007

Main Lake:
119 Pochard
56 Shoveler
18+ Great Crested Grebe
11 Cormorant
1 Coot

Finger Lakes:
8 Little Grebe
2 Mute Swan
4 Tufted Ducks
3 Coot
2 Great Crested Grebe
2 Cormorant
4 Canada Geese
2 Gadwall (1m1f)
3 Moorhen

Reed Bunting singing in the Crescent. CW Singing in the Crescent. Kingfisher Calling and seen along the navigation channel. Pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers by the Sedgewick seat. Treecreeper heard in the same area. 6 Greenfinch in the Rough.

Dunnock Singing

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tues 20th February 2007

A little bit of drizzle about with a light southerly wind; temperature above normal for late Feb.
The pochard are getting very flighty. At least 140 "whizzing" round the lake about 10.30. Meantime, the 40-60 Shoveler took no notice. 9 Tufted , all on Fingers. 22 or so GC Grebes with the two on Fingers looking as though they were going to start nest building again - this time in the reeds on "Lilypads". The swans were busy "munching" in the reeds by the Kramer hide. The crescent reed bed was busy with singing birds. The roof of the main hide has been repaired and DSD should be in this week to clad the insides. Didn't look in the Rough - will be there tomorrow putting plates on the nest boxes and erecting a few more - teapot style for Blue Tits.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday 18th February 2007

Finger Lakes:
4 Coot
9 Little Grebe
2 Great Crested Grebe (Pair nest building in the reeds)
12 Tufted Duck (9m3f)
5 teal (4m1f)
3 Gadwall (2m1f)
2 Cormorant
4 Canada Geese

Crescent reed bed:
Reed Bunting singing
CW singing and goods views down to 3 metres
Water Rail calling

30+ Canada Geese

Main Lake:
20+ Great Crested Grebe
205 Pochard
65+ Shoveler
11 Cormorant
2 Mute swan on the lake (2 and 3 over)

3 Kingfisher sightings around the park.