Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday 24th November

A number of Fieldfare over in flocks of 4,8,16,18,26(27EN) and 54(61EN). A single Little Egret in the South West corner moved to the south east corner before heading off towards Cardington. 13 Shoveller on the main lake with 2 on Fingers although 1 of those flew in and may have come from the 13. Only managed a count of 36 Great Crested Grebe on the main lake although they were wide spread and mobile making it difficult. Cormorant numbered 33. 2 male Tufted ducks also on the main lake.

On Fingers there were 11 Gadwall, 3 Teal and 7 Little Grebe. Also a Treecreeper on a Willow at the edge of the Rough.

A Kingfisher flew from the Willow on the edge of the main lake by the steps. Another was calling near the main lake hide and another in the South West corner.

Also a Greylag over and a LBB Gull on the main lake.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Fri 23rd

Quick check on numbers - Cormorant 22, GCG 64, L.Grebe 11, Gadwall 8, Shoveler 8+, Water Rail 1, Siskin 1. Lots of thrush movement between berry bushes and wet grass.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day after the Slav

Mid-morning walk. Fingers first. (Male) Mute Swan dead under the branches on first spit; rest of family OK with juvs starting to get some white feathers. 7 Gadwall (5m,2f), 4-5 L.Grebe, 3 Shoveler (1m,2f) & Heron. On the spit, Blackbirds, Fieldfare, pr of Bullfinch & female LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER. Water Rail calling in reeds. Overhead the odd calling Mipit & Sky Lark going east!
Counted 55 GCG on main lake, 25 Cormorants, got close to a L.Egret hiding in the trees near the hide, Siskin heard twice, a pair of Grey Wags flew over (the slalom was open), more Shoveler in the middle section (mostly males), 3 more Herons and a good-sized flock of LTT in the poplars.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

18th November

On arrival a flock of 31 Fieldfare flew south over the car park. I headed down to the main lake and a quick scan of the south west corner for Little Egrets drew a blank. Walked along the main path towards Fingers and discovered the Little Egrets were on site but this time in the South East corner of the main lake, under the overhanging trees between the last fishing swim and the hide. I headed down the spit at Fingers to find 4 Shoveller, 5 Little Grebe and the swan family in lillypads, notable fewer wildfowl than yesterday. There was nothing at all on east fingers. Back on the main path at the Beach another flock of c.45 Fieldfare flew over south and a small charm of 12 Goldfinch flew from the crescent to the navigation channel.

Met DK while heading down to Kramer hide and he said the Little Egrets had been in the South West corner when he arrived.

Kramer hide was completely dead so I headed around Fingers to find 4 Gadwall (3m) skulking around the back. A extra Shoveller flew off when I got to the dead seat, making 5 in total. A single Redwing was in the rough.

Headed around the main lake. Counted 61 Great Crested Grebes and 29 Cormorants. The Little Egrets were absent from the South East Corner but when I got back to the visitor centre I noticed one of the three was back in the South West corner. It flew off at about 10:30, disappearing behind the island and I didn't see where it went.