Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ringing totals for 30th October

Today's ringing totals from 'the rough' (7.30am to 1pm) brought the following totals: 35 birds of 10 species - new (retrap):

Redwing 4 (0)
Blue Tit 2 (1)
Great Tit 2 (5)
Long Tailed Tit 0 (4)
Bullfinch 2 (1)
Robin 0 (3)
Dunnock 1 (4)
Blackbird 3 (0)
Greenfinch 1 (0)
Wren 2 (0)

The total catch was reasonable and the first of the autumn redwing arrivals were caught and ringed (juveniles and adults). It was a bit slow mid-morning but picked up later on.

The feeding station didn't attract many birds but perhaps it isn't cold enough yet to make them desperate enough to be lured in to the feeders!

Other things of note, a flock of 18 lapwing flew over heading towards the main lake and a weasel made 2 brief appearances.

Saturday 30th October 2010

Another glorious autumn morning and still plenty of Coot on the main lake. I counted 162 at the east end alone! Wigeon numbered 37 on the main lake with a few Gadwall in the mix and a couple of Shoveler.

Met JA and Dk along the Spit, there were four Little Grebe on east Fingers, a dozen Gadwall and 4 Shoveler on west Fingers. A handful of flyover Redwing and Fieldfare were identified, still quiet on that front.

At Kramer hide the Duck Weed had all but gone. A pair of Shoveler were feeding over the back. A nice looking male Bullfinch stopped by and a couple of Song Thrushes were squabbling in the trees to the left of the hide. A Grey Squirrel looked like it was about to jump in the hide until it spotted us.

On leaving the hide we heard a different call and tracked down a Marsh Tit, which gave some good views but vanished as soon as it spotted the camera coming out of the bag!

Little about on the lakes by the cycle track with a couple of Little Grebe being the highlight, on the big lake. DK mentioned a report of a recent Otter sighting along the river at the mouth of the Cut.

Back in the park 3 Shoveler were round the back of Fingers and a couple of Redwing were spotted on the berries in the Rough.

Skylarks passed overhead in 2's and 3's during the morning but nothing to shout about. The female Red-crested Pochard was on the main lake again, with the Wigeon this week, making her a little more distinctive. Highlight of the morning was the Marsh Tit which I have been trying to catch up with since EN first reported it. Just need a photo next time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Turning wintery

Thursday 28th - signs of winter with 2 flocks of Fieldfare passing through south-west. Also 7 Repoll (sp.) over, probably 2 Marsh Tits in with mixed tit flock around Fingers and 4 Little Grebe outside Kramer. Still a goodly number of Mute Swans, Gadwall & Coot on the main lake.