Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday 14th July

Just when you think it can't rain any more, it does. When will it end. The main lake is overflowing at the Beach again and some paths resemble mud baths but it doesn't stop us. A drizzly start turned to steady light rain and remained that way for most of the visit.

There was a good count of Common Terns on the main lake with some juveniles present. There were 108 Mute Swans with a possible second main lake family with 2 cygnets (TBC). The main lake Great Crested Grebe family was still present with at least 2 youngsters.

On Fingers the Tufted Duck family still has 5 youngsters this week, as last. We also spotted a Weasel along the Spit.

There was little else of note, not surprising in the conditions!