Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Recent happenings

It's been a bit quiet on the bird front in recent weeks, not uncommon at this time of year. Migrants are on the move however and it's just a matter of finding the flock. The most recent guided bird walk was a bit like that with several small roaming mixed flocks located containing Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers as well as various Tits and Finches and the odd Treecreeper or two.

DK had a Spotted Flycatcher in the Rough during the guided walk but we didn't manage to relocate it with the group. Kingfisher and Little Egret on 100 Acre were the other highlights from the guided walk.

This weekend was much the same. The Little Egret seems to be a regular at the north end of the big lake on 100 Acre. Otherwise it's all about the mixed flocks!

On Sunday it was the latest volunteer day and we were out by the labyrinth clearing the cut grass from the flower meadow. At the same time we cut back the Blackthorn that was encroaching on the Meadow. A good turnout of volunteers and this task was knocked off before lunch! Following are a few photo's kindly provided by volunteer Jenny.

Raking the meadow

Cutting back the Blackthorn

More raking

And yet more raking

Tea break

A well earned cuppa!
The secondary task was to clear the vegetation from the priory wall, a scheduled ancient monument. It's a shame in some ways as the Ivy and other plants growing on/in the wall provide habitat for birds which like to feed on the Ivy berries over winter. That said all of the growth is damaging the wall so it needs to be cut back. Later weed killer will be applied to kill off the remaining growth enabling the wall to be restored eventually.

The next volunteer day is Sunday 6th October starting at 9am. We work through until 3pm but if you fancy coming along and can only do part of the day then please feel free to join us for whatever time you can spare.

The next guided bird walk is Sunday 29th September and we are back to a 9am start. Hopefully we should have a few migrants about!