Saturday, September 19, 2009

19th September 2009

Winter is here! At least 10 Gadwall, 1 Shoveler, 2 Tufted Ducks and 4 Teal on Fingers. Also a single Little Grebe. Treecreeper at Kramer hide and the Dead Seat. Possible Spot Fly at the Dead Seat but only a brief glimpse before it disappeared into the foliage never to be seen again.

Treecreeper also heard at the north end of the Woodland Walk.

Had a single Reed Warbler in the main lake reed bed (north side) just before the fence starts. Also had a couple of House Martin's over the Rough, but many more later on in the same area but seemed to be moving through east.

Grey Wagtail on the Canoe Slalom, had already 2/3 over Fingers earlier. A Kingfisher whizzed past while I was watching the Wagtail.

On the main lake at least 46 Coot (is this a record?) and 24 Great Crested Grebe.

Despite the influx of winter wildfowl it was a glorious morning.

Another days ringing

For the second consecutive day we put the nets up. It was as good as the day before ... and we didn't trap any birds from yesterday! That makes 72 new birds and 30 re-traps, all told.

Todays tally was: Wren 1 (1), Dunnock 1 (2), Robin 3 (1), Blackbird (3) [all males incl 1 from Oct '03 & 1 ad. from '07], Blackcap 3 (2) [incl a male from June '07 - as adult] , Chiffchaff 9 (1) [an ad. fem. we caught on 2nd April], LTT (3) [2 birds from August '07], Blue Tit 5 (3), Gt. Tit 4 (1), Chaffinch 1, Bullfinch 1 (2) [a new ad male and an ad. fem from Sept '07].

It was great to catch 15 new Chiffs and 5 new Blackcaps over the 2 days; these will be 'on passage' and feeding up on the berries and insects before departure. These birds had been piling up on site during the windy weather, but most left overnight Thurs/Fri. before we had a chance to go ringing again.

Nearly forgot. The fox was mouching about in the brambles again, another close encounter, and a Jay from the meadow to Fingers.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fri 18th Sept

Decided on an "all-day" ringing session. Set up at 7am and had first catch at 8 o'clock. 55 birds in all with just 11 re-traps. Only 5 adult birds, the rest juvs in various stages of growing up.

New (retraps): Gt. Spot 1 [young male], Wren (1), Dunnock 2 (3), Blackbird 1 (2), Blackcap 2 [1m, 1f], Chiffchaff 6 [2m, 4f], LTT 4, Blue Tit 8 (2), Gt. Tit 13 (2), Chaffinch 1, Greenfinch 2, Goldfinch 4, Bullfinch (1).

DK picked up on a Spot Fly but he was between it and the net! We also had 16 House Martins taking an interest in the male Sparr as it sallied across the Rough. Later, I had 2 Spot Flicks in a tall Elder in the Long Hedge but too high up for the nets. When I had a look at the dipping platform midday, I spooked a Moorhen, a Kingfisher and a Redstart - all making a hasty exit!

Might be back tomorrow (as the weather looks good) for more Chiffs and Blackcaps.

Monday, September 14, 2009

12th September 2009

Another quiet day. 8 Gadwall on west Fingers, no sign of DK's Shoveler though. Getting harder to find a Reed Warbler now but we were lucky with a couple of youngsters showing in the main lake reed bed on the north side.

A walk out along the cycle path to Castle Mill Pit proved a little more fruitful with a Stoat by the Tern Pool. Kestrel by the bridge over the bypass. At Castle Mill the water level is way higher than it was on our last visit so no waders but several Coot, 6 Little Grebe and 4 Tufted Ducks did put in an appearance.

On the way back to the park we had a couple of Swallows between the Gravel works and the Tern Pool.

Still plenty of Chiffchaffs to be had in the park with some large groups reported by DK and TP. Several still singing, probably set off due to many being in close proximity.