Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another days ringing

For the second consecutive day we put the nets up. It was as good as the day before ... and we didn't trap any birds from yesterday! That makes 72 new birds and 30 re-traps, all told.

Todays tally was: Wren 1 (1), Dunnock 1 (2), Robin 3 (1), Blackbird (3) [all males incl 1 from Oct '03 & 1 ad. from '07], Blackcap 3 (2) [incl a male from June '07 - as adult] , Chiffchaff 9 (1) [an ad. fem. we caught on 2nd April], LTT (3) [2 birds from August '07], Blue Tit 5 (3), Gt. Tit 4 (1), Chaffinch 1, Bullfinch 1 (2) [a new ad male and an ad. fem from Sept '07].

It was great to catch 15 new Chiffs and 5 new Blackcaps over the 2 days; these will be 'on passage' and feeding up on the berries and insects before departure. These birds had been piling up on site during the windy weather, but most left overnight Thurs/Fri. before we had a chance to go ringing again.

Nearly forgot. The fox was mouching about in the brambles again, another close encounter, and a Jay from the meadow to Fingers.
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