Sunday, July 29, 2012

Guided Walk - Sunday 29th July

There was a really good turn out for the guided walk this morning and for once the sun was out! We saw/heard most of what could be expected, at this time of year, on the bird front and because of the recent warm sunny conditions there were a few butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies about. The butterfly list was as follows:

Meadow Brown
Speckled Wood
Red Admiral

There were a few different dragonflies about most of which went unidentified as they sped past, however a couple of Brown Hawkers were found on vegetation giving us all great views. There were dozens of Common Blue damselflies around and Banded Demoiselles were also numerous.

On Saturday Morning, with DK, we had a Little Egret which flew in and perched up in the dead tree along the Spit and a Common Buzzard passed high over the south side of the main lake. Following are a few pictures from Saturday:

Comma butterfly

Mute Swan preening

Tufted Duck youngsters