Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday 16/11/2013

A lovely start to the morning, the forecast frost was absent and with virtually no breeze it felt much warmer than the thermometer said. It was still quite dark when I arrived in the park and the gulls and Jackdaws were still at roost. There were ~300 gulls on the main lake, mostly Black-headed but too dark to see for certain. As I headed down the main path on the north side of the main lake some of the Jackdaws lifted from the trees around Finger and moved across to the south side of the main lake. By the time I reached Fingers most of them had come back again but as I turned along the Spit they all lifted off again and departed for their feeding grounds.

Fingers looked quiet initially but most of the ducks were at the north end and I ended up with a tally of 53 Gadwalls, 11 Shovelers, 3 Wigeons and 2 Teals. There were also at least 3 Water Rails around Fingers with one in the Crescent and 2 in West Fingers. A Jay was heard calling over towards Cardington Lock followed by a series of Buzzard calls which may have been Jay mimicry. I walked around to the Navigation Channel and scanned the trees over near the Lock but could find neither a Jay or a Buzzard. As I walked back towards the Beach a Treecreeper called in the plantation nearby.

I joined DK and JA at the Spit and we headed to the Rough where EG was ringing. Highlights were a Goldcrest, 2 female Bullfinches and a female Blackcap, just a small portion of the birds netted while we were there.

There were a few small flocks of Redwings and Fieldfares passing through during the morning and early on a large flock of Starlings passed through west, probably from the Willington GP roost. A single Little Grebe was on the main lake along with 3 more Wigeons and the usual suspects. Another Goldcrest was spotted on the south side of the main lake with a Treecreeper heard nearby.

Those were the highlights of the morning. It's the monthly guided walk next week on Sunday morning. For anyone coming please make sure you wear suitable footwear as we may head over to 100 Acre. Wellingtons might be best but any waterproof walking boots should be adequate. The walk starts at 9am, meet outside the Visitor Centre.