Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sat 25th August

Another CES today, the last of the 12 main visits.
A reasonable week for the park (we don't have the luxury of a large reedbed and low willow scrub like Willington & Mark Thomas) with 40 birds caught. The tally was - Wren 3, Dunnock 3, Robin 3, Blackbird 2, Reed Warbler 5, Lesser Whitethroat 4, Common Whitethroat 1, Garden Warbler 4, Blackcap 5, Chiff 3, Willow 3, Long-tailed Tit 1, Blue Tit 3.
The adult sylvia warblers all had good amounts of fat on them, ready for their migration. The youngsters were starting to lay down some fat but very little so far - and there were some still in full juvenile plumage (i.e. not started PJ moult) and no fat.

Elsewhere, the grebes are still doing fine, with one, the largest, being ignored for long periods. Another brood of Moorhens in the crescent (no numbers) and broods of 2 and 5 on 'lilypads'. Green Sand calling overhead, most days this week, 10 Swallows on Thurs., many Reed Warblers along the main path feeding in the willows opposite, the Greenshanks were still around mid-week, a lot of Willow Ws going through (and noisy, some even singing), and a party of 33-35 Goldfinch south as well as 2 family partys feeding in the rough.

PS. Next day (2 hours pm while scrub bashing) - Blackcap 2, Garden Warbler 2, Goldfinch 1 juv, Greenfinch 4. Also 6 "chinky" Swallows over 4pm & c.30 House Martins a few minutes later