Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday 22nd January 2011

An early start this morning, still dark when I got to Kramer hide. I could just about make out a Little Egret, still at roost, around the back of Fingers and at the hide a single male and 2 female Shoveler snoozing in the gloom. A few of the corvid roost were waking and were joined by a large number of Jackdaws from Kingsmead. A single Little Egret left just after 7:30 with an unwanted Crow for company. The noise level from the corvids grew steadily with small parties of Jackdaws and Crows leaving steadily before the big rush just before 7:45. A second Little Egret left just after 7:30 and a Bittern flew from the left hand reed bed at around 7:40. It departed down the channel to east Fingers. A Kingfisher also passed through a couple of times. At the north end of east Fingers a couple of Water Rail chased across the gap through to west Fingers.

Around Fingers met up with JA who was watching a couple of Little Grebe on east Fingers. A Great Crested Grebe and the family of Mute Swans were also present. On west Fingers there were a few more Shoveler, some Gadwall and Teal. Met up with DK along the Spit. Got onto some Siskins in the Alders by the Crescent. There were at least 8 but some more calls sounded further away so probably more.

A couple more Little Grebe were at the north end of east Fingers as we headed back to the hide. No sign of the Bittern back at the hide but another Little Grebe, 4 pairs of Gadwall, a couple of female Shoveler and single female Teal were seen. A male Bullfinch was also in the area. * Greylag Geese passed over heading towards Willington. DK had seen a Treecreeper around the back of Fingers but it was fairly quiet as myself and JA wandered around, quite muddy also.

Back at the main lake still good numbers of Coot with more Gadwall mixed in. From the main lake hide there were a few Pochard over by the island with a couple of Tufted Ducks and a single female Goldeneye.

Behind the sailing club a small party of Goldfinch passed over and a Greenfinch was leering at us.

Another good morning at the park, a shame the Bittern didn't hang around for a photo, maybe next time. Oh almost forgot, met TP who saw an Otter on Fingers in the week so keep those eyes peeled.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guided Walk Sunday 16th January

Very windy but surprisingly remained dry throughout. A small group set off around the park to see what we could find. Ducks were wide spread on the main lake but easy to spot with the scope. Pochard, Tufted and Gadwall were all quickly in the bag. A mix of Black-headed and Common Gulls were also loafing on the main lake, mostly BHG. Wigeon were a bit harder to come by but still around.

On to Fingers and 3 Little Grebe gave good views, several Teal were cruising around the north end of west Fingers along with a few Shoveler.

A stop at Kramer hide didn't add much to the list although a party of Long-tailed Tits flitted about outside the hide.

Green and Great-Spotted Woodpeckers were heard calling and Blue and Great Tits were abundant as were Robins. Most of the other smaller birds must have been keeping their heads down, out of the wind, so it was fairly quiet for the rest of the walk.

There were fresh signs of Otter around Fingers so keep your eyes peeled.