Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wed 12th November

A morning ringing session produced over 40 birds but only 19 new.
Gt. Spot 2, Wren 1, Dunnock 2, Robin 1, Goldcrest 1, Blue Tit 11, Gt. Tit 15, Greenfinch 9, Goldfinch 1, Bullfinch1. Finches were "wary" in the bright sunshine.

Sightings - male Sparr (08:15), Greenshank over (08:25) calling, 14 Blackbird >>SW + 2 locals, 9 Fieldfare, 1 Redwing, "loads" of Siskin (back & forth and in tree-tops - could have been >12), 2 Chiff in hedge (emphatic 'hweep' call) , 2 Lesserpolls >>.
Also Gadwall, Tachybapt, 5 Herons left Fingers (lilypads), Fox.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

This Weekend

A very disappointing morning on Saturday, the weather was grim and the birds were in hiding, not that I blame them. Highlights were a bit of a Thrush passage with a flock of 40 and another of 20, Redwing and Fieldfare, heading south. John also saw a couple of flocks and I heard Fieldfare calling while I was in Kramer hide but couldn't see them. We also had a Water Rail at Kramer, moving through the reed beds in front of the hide. The only ducks we had apart from Mallard were some Teal which we heard calling while we were in Kramer Hide. There were three Coot on the main lake by the hide. A Sparrowhawk was seen over the Car Park and then again as it drifted over Kramer hide.

Sunday was much better with the first Pochard of Winter arriving on the main lake (4m2f) along with 3 male Tufteds and a single red head Goldeneye. Great Crested Grebe numbered 22 and Cormorant numbered 33. A Water Rail was seen by the main path as it flew to the cover of the reed bed.

At Kramer hide 4 Teal put in an appearance and 3 Shoveller did a fly past. A Fox appeared in the right hand reed bed and was seen later in the Sheep Pen with another.

A Little Grebe was on West Fingers which, again, was virtually deserted, excepting the Mallard and the Mute Swans. The Swans embarked on another training flight to the main lake and were last seen up near the sailing club

Kingfisher were evident on both days, with particularly good views at Kramer hide on Saturday.