Saturday, September 27, 2008

25th to 27th Sept

Thursday - spent the morning down at Meadow Lane. Not much doing on the ringing front, however, with just 8 (common) birds. 26 Mipits passed over with some of them showing an interest in the "tape". Some even sat on the top line of the net. Other birds over - 4 Swallows SW, L.Egbert to Octagon, pair of Kestrels, 3 Lapwing, 4 Mute Swans on "the dragonfly pool" [that's what it's been landscaped for, by the way] & ~80 Starlings.

Friday - was spent in the 'rough'. Caught 36 birds of which the most interesting were a Reed Warbler, 4 male Blackcaps and 2 Chiffs. Also managed to tape "a pair" of young Goldcrests. Overhead - 2 different female Sparrs and a male, several Herons making their way to 'fingers' in the fog, ~ 6 Mipits S (heard) and a Sky Lark SW.

Saturday - the morning spent ringing in the fog in the 'rough'. 24 birds of which the best was a Lesser W/throat on the last net round. It even had the cheek to sing after we let it go! Also a female Blackcap and 7 more new Goldfinches (makes 11 over 2 days), also an adult male Bullfinch. Two of the Gt.Tits were first ringed in early 2005. Not much movement today but a second Blackcap heard, at least 1 Chiff present and a Jay.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wed 24th Sept

My first visit for 10 days or so; not much doing but the weather was naff (overcast, windy, drizzle in the wind). 9 Gadwall on Fingers of which 3 were adult males. Lots of beligerence amongst the Moorhens. I counted 5 Chiffs, one of which (at the Crescent) I presumed to be an abietinus bird from its plumage and call. A pair of Bullfinch north of the Kramer hide. Main lake had a "crowd" of Canadas, a couple of gulls and maybe half a dozen GCGs. The usual rabble of Magpies in the New Meadow now that it's been cut and baled.

Intentions this week are to try and catch some Mipits (at Meadow Lane/100 acre) and to set up a feeding station and estimate the winter tit population.

PLEASE NOTE: The "birdy walk" on Sunday next is at 9am as usual; a walk is "advertised" for 2pm - but it won't be a 100% "birdy walk". Similarly, on November 16th.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday 21st September

A large number of Canada Geese on the main lake (c.152) and several flocks of Greylags over (14, 32 and another in the teens) was the highlight of the morning. Meadow Pipits were on the move with the characteristic call heard overhead throughout the morning. There were seven Gadwall on West Fingers, no sign of Shoveler or last weeks Little Grebe. Kingfisher seen on East Fingers by the Crescent. Little else of note.