Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday 8th May 2010

It was a bit grim this morning and my bed was a too tempting so I was a little later than normal. Turned on my phone and had a message from DK, a Kittiwake was at the park. That got me moving!

Met up with DK and JA along the north shore of the main lake and they got me straight onto the Kittiwake which was gliding around the south side of the main lake in front of the hide. We watched it for a while before DK departed. Myself and JA decided to make at anti clockwise loop to make an early pass of Fenlake and hopefully get some closer views of the Kittiwake.

Fenlake was very disappointing with only a female Mallard with ducklings on the lake, a couple of singing Sedge Warblers and a singing Reed Bunting of note. So it was back to the main lake and some very nice passes by the Kittiwake along the south side as we headed for the hide. It then started to climb and headed out over the east side of the lake. We stopped in the hide but were unable to relocate the Kittiwake so it looked like it departed around 08:30, unfortunately I am unsure which direction but would guess at north east, given it's last known position.

Singing Goldcrest in the woods behind the Canoe Slalom, my first one for months! A stop at the Beach allowed us to make a count of the Hirundines, I got to ~130 mixed Sand Martins, House Martins and Swallows. No Swifts early on. Only the usual 8 Common Terns. I was hoping for some Arctics or Black Terns but no sign.

A Garden Warbler was singing on the south east corner of the Finger Lakes and moved across the navigation channel to the woods as we watched. A Cuckoo was singing from the top of the Willows in the same corner. It moved to the Willow by the Dead Seat giving great views through the scope as we walked along the Spit. A pair of Coots with 3 youngsters seen on west Fingers. A pair of Canada Geese with 5 Goslings crossed the Spit from east to west Fingers. The drizzle and cold wasn't putting the the Reed Warblers off judging by the level of sound from the Crescent and main lake reed beds.

Nice views of a Common Whitethroat along the west side of Fingers. Little of note from Kramer hide. A singing Sedge Warbler as we approached the STW reed bed but all quiet when we got there. C.Whitethroat, Chiffchaff and Blackcap all heard along the Woodland Walk. Very quiet in the Rough although Cuckoo heard again.

Then it was back to the VC to join the volunteers to replace some of the steps on the south side, main lake, fishing swims. A singing Blackcap in the scrub kept us entertained, then a party of Swifts arrived overhead (~20). A Pied Wagtail greeted us back at the VC on our return to unload the truck.

Thanks to Nicky for the warming cups of tea, pictures and report to come.