Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday 17th October

Over 200 Redwings through this morning in three groups that we saw. Also a Siskin over while we stood at the Crescent. Minimum of 10 Teal flushed as I walked around the back of Fingers, they took me by surprise as I only saw a few and then suddenly Teal were flying up from everywhere! The Sparrowhawk was about early this morning and a Kestrel was spotted later over the Rough. A couple of female Shoveler and 4 Little Grebe on Fingers. The Fingers Swan family were having a bit of flying practice as were the main lake family later. Several groups of Swans passed through north east. Still ~50 Coot on the main lake .

A walk along the cycle track bagged 21 Lapwing on 100 Acre by the larger pit, also several pheasant on this recently ploughed area. Shame that all the teasels have gone as we were hoping for something interesting to make a snack stop there through the autumn. Also had a young Buzzard down by Meadow Lane, with the usual Crow in attendance.

Redwings to go

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning spent ringing in the 'Rough'.
See ringing blog and click Ivel RG .

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ringing 13th/14th

Combined totals are: Sprawk 1, Wren 3, Dunnock 5, Robin 1, Blackbird 1, LTT 5, Blue Tit 9, Gt. Tit 19, Treecreeper1, Greenfinch 7, Goldfinch 4, Bullfinch 2.

Vis-mig (14th): 7 Fieldfare W, 9 Siskin, 15 Goldfinch, 8 high-flying Blackbird, 6 Sky Lark SW, a few Redwings blogging about (?20).

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Swans up!

Yes, 43! 31 incomers from the east brought glad tidings to the family of 7 on the main lake. They came in five parties from 10am to 11:30. Perhaps they were 'Polish'? :-) Then there's the 5 on Fingers as well.

Today was a guided walk day. The first thing that everybody commented on was the number of Gt. Crested Grebes there were, at least 20 were easily visible. A Shoveler whizzing over the main lake was later found on Fingers (lilypads) but the 4 Tufted came in to land at high speed. There were more Song Thrushes than of late and the Robin numbers have certainly increased going by the amount of territorial song. Unlike summer, you don't have to multiply by two! A male Blackcap was seen in the 'rough'; also a Gt. Spot and 13 Goldfinch, ten of which decided to harass a hovering Kestrel.

A treecreeper was heard briefly, Long-tailed Tits were zipping about, the feeding station was busy with tits and a few Chaffinch, and ten Cormorants were espied in their alternative roost on Kingsmead shortly after the '5 minute' race hooter was heard. EN & DB picked up a Kingfisher from the Kramer hide as it shot across the water. It landed in the back of a tree which had everyone trying to locate it (apart from EN & DB). Even with the 'scope, it was a difficult one, but, eventually, every one managed to see its head at least as it twisted during preening. It was id-ed as a young bird.

Round the corner on 'big Fingers', 3 Teal were semi-hidden under a "weeping" willow and a Moorhen spooked the only Gadwall of the day. A dozen Coot or more were making their way across to the island, having been herded to the main path shore by the sailing boats.

We looked at a few berry bushes on the way round. Here are a few more of my pics(better than the other post, I hope!)
Hips (Dog Rose)
Purging Buckthorn

Your next chance - November 29th (9am). Bound to be colder by then so wrap up.