Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Goodbye Danny

So all the emails, letters and petitions came to nowt and the council are doing what they want to do and not what the people of Bedford want. 2 Rangers are leaving Priory CP, in fact Danny has already gone having managed to get a new job elsewhere. Many thanks to Danny for all of his help over the years I have been volunteering and although sad to see you go it's great that you have walked straight into a new job so I hope it all goes well for you. Nicky will be leaving the park at the end of May although she will still be employed in a new role with the council. So Jon is left to hold the fort with A N Other still to be announced.

As far as volunteering goes Jon is going to try to keep the program running so Sunday and weekday vols will hopefully remain but we'll have to see how it goes. If you are interested in volunteering at the park please contact Jon by phone on 01234 718012 or email

Let's hope we can all keep the park running as it has to date.

Funny to see the Borough Council looking for our input in a survey about Bedford Park when they took no notice of the public's opinion about the changes at Priory CP.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Save your country park!

You might not be aware but all of the Priory Rangers have been given redundancy notices.

At the moment two are based at Harrold Country Park and three at Priory Country Park. In total they are responsible for nearly one thousand acres of public green space which also includes Browns Wood, Clapham Park Wood, Putnoe Wood and Mowsbury Hillfort. They also support and provide educational resources and manage and encourage volunteer groups such as those that help out at Priory CP and the Friends group at Putnoe Wood and Mowsbury Hillfort.

They are undergoing, at this time, an internal consultation with Bedford Borough Council. The five current rangers are being asked to apply for two ranger positions (downgraded by one pay grade) and two positions that are being called groundsman positions (downgraded by two pay grades). One position is to be made redundant.

As this consultation is internal and we were not aware of any previous Budget Public Consultations concerning the fate of the Park Ranger Service we cannot directly contribute to these meetings. We can however make our comments and views available to the rangers. This information can then be used to support the their case during their consultation with the Borough.

If the Borough’s plan to implement these redundancies comes to fruition it would not just have a negative environmental and management impact on the main two sites but all green open spaces and all volunteer groups that depend on the rangers for their support and knowledge.

Please help fight the rangers case by emailing your comments and views as to why the Rangers are so important to the upkeep of our country parks and green spaces. This information can then be used to support the rangers case during their consultation with the Borough.

You can email your support for the rangers to me and I will pass it on. A letter or email to your local councillor or the mayor would also be helpful if you have some time to spare. Find your councillor's contact details here:

Please be respectful in any communications, abusive emails will not get us anywhere, reasoned argument and/or impassioned pleas will serve us best.