Saturday, December 03, 2011

Saturday 3rd December

The rain pushed through early on and left us with a bright and breezy morning. Once again it was pretty quiet in the park. All of the regulars were about but keeping their heads down out of the wind. On the main lake we had a pair of Wigeon, a single male Pochard, 9 Tufted Ducks and 34 Gadwall. We also had a Kingfisher on the south side and 2 Little Egrets in the South East corner early on, 1 of which departed to the north east. By the time we left a large number of Gulls had accumulated on the main lake, mostly Black-headed (1 sporting a black head and 2 others with very grey heads). There were also good numbers of Common Gulls this morning and a single Herring Gull.

Fingers was very quiet again with just 6 Gadwall, 5 Shoveler, 3 Teal and 4 Little Grebe. The Mute Swan family  were in residence as usual.

A walk up to 100 Acre was a bit of a let down after last weekends Lapwing display we only managed 4 this week. There were large numbers of Canada Geese on the fields east of the big lake with a few over by the small lake. There were some Tufted Ducks on the big lake, tucked in under the near bank. There was at least one Little Grebe on each lake.

We failed to find a Grey Wagtail on the Canoe Slalom and the Fenlake Stonechat failed to show again.

DK had 6 Goosanders and a Redpoll on the 1st.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blackbird Recovery

News came through yesterday of a Blackbird ringed at Priory Country Park on 9th December 2009 as a juvenile male. Unfortunately, it had met a sad end - this is a common way for ringers to find out what happens to some of our birds. The fortune this time was on our side as it had made its way to FINLAND!

It was found on 23rd September 2011, at Vistanvagen, Soderudden, Vaasa, Finland - 653 days after it was ringed in Bedford - a distance of 1775km in a North Easterly direction.

Details of the ringing session this bird was caught on can be found here (it was the first bird caught that day).

Under Rydon Hill: I'm Finnished again

Under Rydon Hill: I'm Finnished again:

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday 28th November


Shelduck on the main lake. Gadwalls down to 19. 105 L/H Gulls SW. Best of all were three Blackcaps (2m + 1f) behind the sailing club. Knapweed still in flower. (Per DK).

Nice male and female Goosander; 4 Little Egrets at roost and 15 Corn Buntings. Water Rail, Kingfisher etc..(Per DK).

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Guided Walk - Sunday 27th November

Just back from the guided walk this morning, a really good turn out, shame the same could not be said for the birds. There was a really strong wind and a few showers rattled through early on, before the walk. Another heavy shower came through just as we started the walk, thanks very much!

With the strong winds it was always going to be hard finding stuff so we started off with a look around the main lake where the winter ducks could be relied upon. From the south west corner we had Gadwall and Wigeon along with the usual Coots and Mute Swans. A Kingfisher flew across the south west corner but hid in the Willows so we were unable to get a good look. We continued around the corner in the hope we might see it but failed to find it through the mass of branches. Some of the group spotted it a little further along the south side.

Along the south side we found Pochard and Tufted Ducks along with a couple more Wigeon and plenty more Gadwall and Coots. A small party of Long-tailed Tits gave good views as they moved through the Willows.

We cut through to the river to have a look over Fenlake Meadows for the Stonechat but unsurprisingly it didn't show. With the winter wildfowl zone now closed off we walked around Pressmead which was very quiet until a flock of Lapwing passed overhead (a very rough estimate of 100).

We continued along the east side of the main lake where a very bold Robin showed well on the fence, showing little fear of us. The Little Grebes on Fingers failed to show and we blanked at Kramer hide as well. We continued along the Navigation Channel and a couple of Cormorants were in the usual tree on Kingsmead.

Up at the Sewerage Treatment Works we waited on the bridge in the hope of another Kingfisher but no joy and the Lapwings from yesterday, on 100 Acre, were conspicuous by their absence. A bit of a theme developing :-(

Back in the park we cut through the Woodland Walk and had Bullfinch calling about half way along. We cut through Fingers, passed the Sedgewick Seat and cut across the meadows back to the car park. Another Bullfinch was calling in the scrub around the car park but again it wouldn't show itself.

So not a huge success this morning. Many thanks to all those who came, both old and new faces, hope to see you again on a future walk.

Next walk is Boxing Day at 9am, meet at the visitor centre.