Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday 29th Jan 2011

A pretty quiet morning around the park, pretty cold as well with a biting wind from the north.

Wildfowl numbers looked to be down on the main lake but still good numbers of Gadwall and Pochard. Tufted Ducks were much less evident with just a handful seen along with 3 Wigeon.

Met up with JA along the Spit where up to 7 Shoveler were seen along with a single Gadwall. Teal were hard to spot but were very vocal. A single Little Grebe was as seen by JA before I arrived. A couple of Siskin flew over the Crescent as we walked around to Kramer hide.

A lengthy stay at Kramer hide failed to produce Bittern but the vocal Teal were spotted through the gap at the back left. Still difficult to determine numbers as they were tucked in tight under a overhanging tree. JA spotted a Little Egret departing. A single female Teal moved along the back.

We left the hide and followed the navigation channel up to the bridge, stopping briefly to chat to DK who'd had Goldcrest somewhere around Fingers. A small group of Cormorants were in the usual trees on Kingsmead with some now showing the grey heads and white thigh patch of breeding birds. 18 Moorhen were also present on Kingsmead.

Up at the STW we had a Water Rail on the back river. A couple of Mute Swans were on the small pond on 100 Acre along with a handful of Canada Geese. More Canada Geese were on the shore close by with a single Greylag. A much larger group of Canada's were much further out to the north side of the larger pit with a handful of Greylags intermingled. A large flock of Lapwing got up briefly, probably 100+ but I had only counte 30 when they dropped back down again so just an approximate number.

We headed back through the wood and around Fingers. DK called to say a Stonechat was on the fence on Fenlake but by the time we got there there was no sign.

Little else of note as we made our way back to the car park although we did get a Little Grebe over by the island on the main lake.