Thursday, May 22, 2008

More boxing, etc. 21/05

Early start. Just a quick tickle in the Fingers. 6 Reed Warblers (1 from 2006), a pair of Dunnocks, a pair of Bullfinch, a "teenage" lady Blackcap, a "mother" Robin, 1 Greenfinch and, best of all, a Sedge!

Back again with the "tools" - plus a ladder - at tea-time.
"Andy Cap" - sure is at 66!

Ten to go! We got five of them done; the others have to wait for the occupants to grow up!
We should have taken some caterpillars or meal worms with us! We took some rings for the next lot! Mum already had some jewellry.

We now know that there are/were 8 pairs of Blue Tits & 12 of Great Tits in the boxes. The earliest broods (mainly Great Tits) are just about to or have fledged already.

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