Thursday, April 07, 2016

Catch Up - 7th April 2016

Since the Easter weekend we have had plenty of new arrivals on the birding front.

29/03 - Fem. Common Scoter (DK)
30/03 - Willow Warbler, Blackcap, House Martin (DK)
04/04 - Sedge Warbler (DK), Black Redstart (Sewage Works, TP)
05/04 - Common Tern (DK)

The Common Scoter was on the main lake on the Thursday and Friday of the same week. Interestingly I had a Common Scoter at Box End Park on the Wednesday, was this the same bird that was at Priory the rest of the week?

I was in the park on Sunday with the volunteer group. This month we cleared out the Leat to help prevent future flooding. The group worked well and managed to get the full section done between the Leat pool and pipe under the path between the main lake and Press Mead.

I spent today with the Jon B and a couple of the Thursday volunteers. This time we were in the Cut clearing litter and some of the branches and other debris. Again this prevents possible flooding as debris gradually builds up if left and dams the flow. We dragged out an old bike and a huge piece of foam along with as much of the plastic waste as we could get hold of. Our reward for the work was a Kingfisher and biggest pile of Otter poo I've ever seen. The spraint site we found was obviously well used and very recently as well. There were also loads of foot prints all around the area. On the other bank Jon found some fish remains.

Earlier I had a quick wander around with DK and managed my first Common Tern and Sedge Warbler of the year. The Sedge Warbler was singing at the Sewage Works bridge but remained hidden in the reed bed, much like the Cetti's Warbler which was also singing well in the same area. The Common Tern was over the main lake. A Red Kite was an early visitor over the south side of the main lake and 4 Oystercatchers chased around the main lake island. A good size flock, 100+, of Sand Martins arrived early on over the main lake.

DK had the following notables:

20 Chiffchaffs
15 Willow Warblers
12 Blackcaps
2 Sedge Warblers (one was in the SW corner of the main lake to add to the sewage works bird)
1 Swallow

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