Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th!!!!

I spent the day in the park working with rangers Jon and Danny. We started clearing around the Kramer hide to improve the sight lines. Still some work to do on the left hand side but now there is a good view to the right so all of those ducks that hide down that end will make it onto DK's list :-)

I also put in a Kingfisher perch in front of the hide. Give it some time and hopefully a quiet session in the hide will reward you with a Kingfisher a few yards away!

I had a quick walk around Fingers with DK first thing this morning and the highlight was 10 Little Egrets in the Finger Lakes roost.

Most of the ducks seem to have moved onto the main lake but we had 3 female Shovelers on Fingers. Later while we were working we had a pair of Shoveler and 3 Teal in front of Kramer hide.

There were a good number of Tufted Ducks on the main lake and at least 7 Pochard. Also a few Gadwall on here.
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