Sunday, April 07, 2013

Priory Volunteers 07/04/2013

I made another early start in the park today in the hope of seeing the Otter again. Someone else had the same idea and beat me to my favoured spot so I set up half way along the Spit. It was much colder this morning than yesterday, -2°C and still dropping.

A single Lesser Redpoll showed well along the main lake reed bed by the Steps. There were at least 6 Little Egrets in the Roost this morning on west Fingers and a Water Rail in the Crescent. 10 Fieldfares passed over, west.

Less cloud meant better light as the sun came up, not just a five minute gap like yesterday. Unfortunately the Otter didn't show and the Great Crested Grebe kept its distance. A pair of Gadwalls were the only things to keep me interested.

Great Crested Grebe

Male Gadwall
This male Gadwall can easily be overlooked but look closely and you see some exquisite plumage and the golden light this morning helps as well!

The female Sparrowhawk was near the nest at Kramer hide. I think this will be a project for me throughout the year assuming the nesting goes well. At the moment both birds are staying over the back towards the nest and there are a lot of small branches in the way for photography. Hopefully we'll see them on the more open perches as time goes on.
Female Sparrowhawk
After the early morning rounds I joined the volunteer group to open up the fence around the Rough ready for it to be fixed/replaced. Another great turnout of volunteers so we managed to complete the entire task in record time. Great work everyone, see you next month.

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