Monday, February 11, 2013

Saturday 9th February

Met up with DK and JA who were already on a Shelduck when I arrived and it was still on the main lake late morning. We quickly located the Ferruginous Duck (FD) and the Black-necked Grebe. The FD is still hanging around with the Pochard flock. They are very sensitive to people near the dipping platform, coming in close to feed but moving out whenever anybody approaches. You can get good views if you are prepared to stand quietly until the flock drifts back in again.

The BN Grebe is seldom coming close to shore preferring to stay out in the middle of the main lake most of the time so scopes and long lenses are the order of the day for that one.

The rest of the morning was pretty standard fare. The Teal at Kramer hide were getting a bit feisty which was fun to watch and later we had good views of a Lesser Redpoll along the east side of Fingers.

Lesser Redpoll
 DK led the Beds. Bird Club walk on Sunday morning and by all accounts it was a good morning despite the terrible weather. Following per DK:

"Ferruginous Duck and B-n grebe still present. Also 2 Kingfishers, nice
views of Water Rail, Siskins, Goldcrest and Mink. 44 Species."

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