Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday 31st March

A great morning in the park with DK and JA. There was a Blackcap singing behind the Visitor Centre on arrival and 11 Sand Martins over the main lake. 3 Little Egrets were still roosting on the fallen Willow on west Fingers, there were at least 4 Gadwalls on west Fingers also. JA spotted a dead Blue Tit as we walked around the Crescent. It was carrying a ring (Y291701) details of which we passed on to EG who was ringing in the Rough. Ringing was fairly slow but we did see a couple of Wrens, a Blackbird, a female Bullfinch and a female Blackcap. At least 2 Chiffchaffs were singing around the Rough. On Friday DK had 18 Chiffies and 11 Blackcaps around the park.

There was little of note on 100 Acre although there were 4 Sand Martins over the big lake and a single Lapwing in the field behind. Back in the park and EG rang to say a Swallow was over the Rough, the first of the year. Down at the Beach DK located the Swallow and we also had a couple of House Martins along with 7 Sand Martins. A Kingfisher flew along the Leat at the end of the Canoe Slalom and a single Oystercatcher flew a circuit overhead, at least 2 Grey Wagtails passed over.

Mute Swans (Orange) 273 and 373 were in the Leat as we cut back across to the main lake and made our way along the newly open south side path. There were 3 pairs of Rooks nesting in the Poplars, the first time Rooks have nested in the park.

Fenlake was quiet with at least 6 Teal the highlight.

There was little else of note as we completed our walk around the main lake but there was a Chiffchaff around the car park.

Another good morning with more new arrivals.
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