Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday 24th November

Back from yet another day in the park working with Danny and Nicky on Fingers lake, coppicing the "Fingers". Danny and Nicky had been out yesterday and cleared all of the brash left over from Tuesdays endeavours, so we cracked on with clearing the second Finger. A large Willow proved problematic to fell which slowed us down a little but we cleared a reasonable amount and got rid of all the brash on the fire.

Not much to report on the wildlife front although we were treated to views of 2 Kingfishers chasing across east Fingers as we boated out to the Fingers to begin work.

Earlier I met up with DK and we had most of the Duck species we would expect at this time of year, Gadwall, Tufted, Wigeon, Shoveler and Teal. we also had a small flock of Lapwing circling over the main lake. The 3 Little Grebe were present as usual in the south east corner of east Fingers. Redwing were present in reasonable numbers in the Rough and along the west side of Fingers lake and I also had a flock of 20 in the area behind the visitor centre before I met up with the rangers. A Mink was seen on west Fingers at the south end.

The next volunteer day is rapidly approaching on Sunday 4th December. This will be some selective coppicing in the woodland walk plantation. Join us between 10am and 2pm.  
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