Saturday, October 08, 2011

Saturday 8th October

It was pretty quiet this morning with little obvious sign of migration, just 3 Skylarks east. Compared to the last couple of weeks we struggled for ducks with just 3 Gadwall, on Fingers, along with the usual Mallards.

When we reached the Canoe Slalom things brightened up a little with a single Grey Wagtail in residence.

Grey Wagtail

A Kingfisher flew in and perched up on the concrete side of the canoe slalom but didn't hang around for long. Then as I stalked the Grey Wagtail for a better shot a Kestrel flew over flushing it further along. It was then flushed by a couple of dogs going by.

This Heron was playing hide and seek along the navigation channel.

The following images are from previous visits.

Wood Pigeon 

This Wood Pigeon was perched up nicely on an Alder branch in the Crescent producing a pleasing portrait.


This Snipe was on the edge of the island on the big lake on 100 Acre. Unfortunately it didn't sit tight so I only managed this long distance shot.

Grey Heron 

This amused me and brought to mind the phrase "Like shooting fish in a barrel"!

And finally a lovely sunrise photo over East Fingers. I could have done with being a few minutes earlier to catch the best lighting conditions but this one wasn't too bad.
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