Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday 29th October

It was pretty quiet in the park this morning with little visible sign of migration although Redwings were in evidence as was a single Fieldfare in the dead tree by the bridge at the STW. Most of the winter ducks were present with Gadwall being the biggest group with 15 on the main lake and a couple on Fingers. Also present were 3 Wigeons including a spanking male and 3 Tufted ducks per JA. From Kramer hide we could hear Teals bleating no sign of any Shoveler around the park though. Pochards were present on 100 acre with ~30 and a single Tufted duck  on the big lake. There were a couple of big Goldfinch flocks about ~70 and ~30 around the Meadow Lane GP.

We saw EG in the Rough ringing or at least standing around with the nets up. He'd had hardly anything all morning and the next check of the nets came up blank. We did have 5 Siskins over, towards the crescent, as we stood around chatting. A male Sparrowhawk also passed through without success. Seems the Rough was not the place to be for catching birds this morning.

Highlight of the morning was 9 Corn Buntings leaving the roost in the crescent reed bed at about 08:15. They headed north east over east Fingers.
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