Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday 7th August - Volunteer Task

The volunteer task today was building a couple of new benches along the New Cut. The hard work was the digging of the holes and getting the posts level after which fixing the top was a piece of cake. Both benches were finished off by lunchtime so it was an early finish for most. I volunteered to carry out a bit of litter picking in the afternoon and filled a couple of sacks in under 2 hours. It never ceases to amaze me that some people seem incapable of disposing of their litter responsibly. The rangers can spend anything up to half their working day picking up litter, time that could be spent on more useful tasks around the park. So remember to either dispose of your litter in the bins provided or even take it home and recycle it, it's not that difficult is it? Also remember why you visit the park in the first place, I bet you wouldn't visit if it resembled a landfill and, believe me, it wouldn't take long to get that way if the Rangers weren't clearing up after you all.

Please look after our park.
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