Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday 12th Feb 2011

A pretty quiet morning in the park. The usual suspects on the wildfowl front with Pochard, Gadwall, Tufted Ducks and Wigeon on the main lake. A couple of Little Grebe were on the north side of the island. A small party of 7 Siskins were in the Alders by the Crescent. The Crescent reed bed has had a partial haircut, the final cut of a three year cycle so it'll be back to the first section for next winters cut.

3 Shoveler were doing circuits of the park and stopping off in west Fingers between circuits. A handful of Teal were tucked way up the back of Fingers, just about visible from the spit and also from Kramer hide. A couple more Little Grebe were on east Fingers and the pair of Great Crested Grebes were moving between the 2 main Finger Lakes.

At Kramer Hide a pair of Gadwall and a pair of Teal. A pair of Canada Geese were holding Territory on the left most reed bed and a Muntjac was on the left most reed bed. A Bullfinch was heard and a wheezing Collared Dove flew in and settled on the roof of the hide.

At the STW 100 Acre proved much less productive this week with much fewer geese, a few Canada around the small lake and 40+ Greylags to the east of the big lake. Also on the big lake a couple more Little Grebe, a couple of parties of Tufted Ducks and few more Canada Geese. On the small Lake a pair of Teal and 4 Tufted Ducks.

At the main lake hide the female Goldeneye was quite close on arrival but moved further out. The Pochard were a bit more trusting and stayed fairly close by. Canada Geese are staking out nest sites on the island.

The female Stonechat showed well, after a short wait, on Fenlake as viewed from the Priory side of the river. it was making use of the fence posts on the east side of the main "lake" on Fenlake.

Little else of note on the way back to the car park, although the Ivy along the back of the sailing club is loaded with berries and looks promising for Blackcaps, nothing doing today though.

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