Friday, September 17, 2010

Last of the summer

Ringing session after a 'cold' night (8C) yielded few birds, certainly none of note. A tad too sunny and the predicted breezy SW wind was actually W - not our favourite direction or strength!

An early Chiffchaff turned out to be an adult female that had recently completed her full moult; we know she had just started it on 27th July and we know she can only have finished it this week as she has not put on any fat at all.
A Long-tailed Bushtit was first caught on 12th August last year as an adult undergoing moult.
Apart from a juvenile female Chaffinch, showing a bit of fattening, the rest were 5 new, juvenile Blue Tits.

Overhead was a different story. 150-200 House Martins spent much of the early morning over the main lake and then some followed the tractor across the meadows as the flail disturbed insects. A 'white-headed' Hobby, 2 Jays and a male Kestrel spiced up the session. Feeding on the remaining berries and the nectar from the ivy, now in full flower, were 3 Chiffs, 3 Blackcaps and the fattest Graden Warbler I have ever seen; it gave off some scolding calls whenever a Chiff came too near. I also had fleeting glimpses of what I took to be an immature Pied Flycatcher, a pale brownish bird with striking pale edges to the tertials, sometimes uttering a quiet "fis, fis" call.

The feeders are up and filled, ready for the autumn!
PS. a Marsh Tit has found my nuts! (per DK)
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