Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday 21st August 2010

Overcast this week but at least it was dry and very warm and muggy. There were 16 Canada's and a single Greylag Goose up by the Sailing club which departed shortly after I left. Mute Swan numbers looked a little down this week which was confirmed later with counts on the mid 60's for main lake, plus the 3 cygnets and the pair and 5 cygnets on Fingers. I spotted at least one Gadwall over the far side of the main lake accompanied by 3 others that were probably Gadwall but difficult to tell at that distance. There were at least 2 more on Fingers. Little else of note on Fingers.

Along the Spit there were at least 3 Treecreepers and another along the east side of big Fingers.

Still some Warblers about, even one singing Chiffchaff. Blackcap and Garden Warbler reported by DK who also spotted a Weasel.

Having rounded Fingers and arrived back at the main path I spotted a Kestrel hovering low over the grass by the Crescent. It dropped down but came up empty clawed.

At the Canoe Slalom just a single Grey Wagtail this week. From the south side of the main lake I was able to count the Swifts over the Rough which numbered at least 25. There were many more Martins over the main lake but try as I might I was unable to spot a House Martin in amongst the Sands. DK had at least one.

That was it for the morning despite some wishful thinking by DK, hopefully we'll get something different during the autumn migration.
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