Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday 14th August 2010

Very wet on arrival, keeping me in my car for a while until the worst of it cleared through.

Mute Swan numbers remain constant, just a single Canada Goose and ~70 Coot on the main lake. A single Little Grebe was on the south side of the island.

Nothing on the Canoe Slalom this week. 8 Heron on Kingsmead and a Kestrel in one of the trees on the far side.

Back into the Finger lakes near the Sedgewick Seat I heard a Treecreeper in the Willows and a bit of patience was rewarded by a sighting. From the Spit I spotted at least 3 Gadwall. Great Spotted Woodpecker was heard.

Around the Crescent Kingfisher was heard over East Fingers.

As I headed back to the car ~7 Common Terns arrived and chased noisily around the main lake. Very quiet otherwise.

Swallows seem to be on the move south with several parties noted passing through including a 9 and 30, the latter skimming low across the main lake before gaining height and disappearing.

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