Saturday, May 15, 2010

Recent visits

Dawn Chorus Walk - 09/05/2010:

We managed to remain mostly dry for out 4:30am visit for the dawn chorus. Despite the early drizzle the birds didn't disapoint with the early starters inc. Blackbird, Robin and the odd Wren keeping us entertained while we waited for the off. In the Rough the volume was cranked up to full as the Garden Warblers, Blackcaps Reed and Sedge Warblers joined in along with the residents. Common Whitethroat was a late starter after the noise level began to ease off a little. Up to 3 male Cuckoo's were heard, a Little Egret also put in an appearance, flying over us as we watched from the bridge by the STW. It landed on the first lake on 100 Acre before moving off again and heading for Castle Mill. That was the highlight of a very pleasant early morning visit to the park.

Saturday 15th May:

Finally the sun put in an appearance again although it was still very cold early on, not frosty like earlier in the week though. Blackcap, Common Whitethroat and Willow Warbler were all heard in the car park. A party of Swifts were busy over the main lake. 2 famillies of Canada Geese were over by the sailing club, one with 6 goslings the other undetermined, as they were alltucked in around one of the adults, but may have been the 5 seen last week.

Met up with DK along the main path and we wandered around the crescent, enjoying the Reed Warblers, and along the Spit. 2 Terrapins were out basking on a log on west Fingers and lone male Gadwall was a little further along, GCC was still on nest as was the Mute Swan. DK mentioned that he had seen an Otter a couple of days previous, also the 3 Coot chicks were down to a single. There was a Coot with 2 chicks a little later on east Fingers.

A little after DK departed and JA arrived we had a flyover Little Egret, possibly from Fenlake and looked to be heading over to 100 Acre/Castle Mill. It seemed a little quieter again this week, Blackcaps were much less evident but Common Whitethroats were still around in good numbers. At the STW reed bed there were still a few vocal Sedge Warblers, a singing Reed Bunting and CW's on the far side of the bridge. Not much about on the first lake on 100 Acre, a few Pheasants in the field, some Tufted Ducks on the large lake, Lapwing and unidentified wader also.

EN and EG were in the Rough for a CES ringing session. On the east side of the main lake we had a flyover Jay, heading for The Barns. A quick check of Fenlake turned up a couple of Shelduck on the lake and that was just about the lot. Another good morning around the park.

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