Tuesday, April 13, 2010

11th April: Step replacement, hedging and fencing

A beautiful balmy April Sunday saw our baker's dozen of volunteers do a variety of tasks to help improve the park.

One group replaced the wooden steps down into the Fingers Conservation zone, not only removing the old sets but also an even earlier set found buried under those. The pictures show the task in progress and the team taking a well deserved break on the newly replaced steps.

With seven of our volunteers on the step team another four were off dead hedging (a fence woven from branches and twigs) around a wooded area opposite the Labyrinth where a natural play area is being created over the coming months. The hedge establishes the play area's boundaries and will help avoid problems with dog fouling. Dave B. one of our volunteers and keen birder particularly appreciated the songbirds serenading the team as they worked.

Yet another group of three volunteers helped to replace a fencepost and wiring to repair a fence which prevents access to parts of the Fingers Conservation area which is a haven for wildlife away from the public. The photo shows Robert and Mo hard at work putting the new fencepost in place. A good dead hedge of the last bits of willow coppiced in the previous task made the fence even more impenetrable.

Another team started work to help control wave erosion by the beach, which the Rangers finished later in the week by willow spiling (a woven willow fence at the lake edge, using willow coppiced in the last task).

So once again a very big thanks to our hard working volunteers: Mo, Bob, Robert, Geoff, Paul, Dave B., Gerald, David W., Gordon, David P., Alan, John and Matt.

The next task is Saturday 8th May, replacing fishing swim steps.
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