Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday 20th February 2010

Cold again this morning and much of Fingers and the main lake had a covering of ice. On Fingers a Mink showed on the ice along one of the fingers opposite the last fishing swim along the Spit. A new pair of Mute Swans had taken up residence on Fingers but 500 and her partner made their way from the main lake to Fingers later in the morning so expect some fireworks on there in the near future as they sort out territory ownership!

Met TP along the main path, he'd had Little Grebe on the navigation channel and Kingfisher as he cut through from the business park car park. I went over to the nav channel but didn't see the Little Grebe, a Kingfisher was heard at the join with the flood channel.

Met DK who'd had ~90 Barnacle Geese over earlier and Chiffchaff singing at the Steps. On my way to the Sedgewick Seat I spotted ~20 Barnies on their way back towards Willington. Sparrowhawk was seen in the trees opposite the Sedgewick Seat. No sign of the Chiffy at the Steps.

At the main lake hide only about 80 Pochard in site but probably around 100 in total on the lake, quite a bit down on last week. Probably double figures of Tufted Ducks, 3 Shoveler and 5 Gadwall. DK also had a couple of Wigeon.

On Press Mead a Kestrel was seen and a single male Bullfinch. Nothing on Fenlake, a couple of fishermen not helping there although the water was completely frozen anyway.

Along the western side of the main lake a Coot was seen carrying nest material at the disabled access fishing swim. Several Green finch were singing up towards the north west corner.

That was it, nothing too exciting, just great to be out on bright cold morning.
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