Saturday, January 02, 2010

Saturday 2nd January 2010

Another glorious morning albeit very cold. Main lake had a lot of ice coverage on the south side forcing much of the wildfowl to the north side which is quite unusual. Counts were difficult today as everything was very spread out but there were approx 51 Pochard, 18 Shoveler, 18 Tufted Ducks, 2 Teal and a single red head Goldeneye. Mute Swans were keeping the south west corner ice free and numbered around the 100. There were also 20+ Cormorants. Kingfishers were easier to come by today with several contacts around Fingers.

3 Little Grebe had moved up the Navigation Channel to the turbulent waters of the flood channel just passed the join with the nav channel. It looked like hard work for them to maintain position let alone move upstream or hunt against the strong current. A 4th was seen further downstream, with 41 Canada Geese, a little later.

A Treecreeper was present in the usual Willows along the Navigation Channel.

While chatting to DK, around Fingers, a fine looking male Sparrowhawk passed overhead and took a close look at a nearby Blue Tit which was fortunate to make it any further into 2010!

Another Treecreeper was heard by the Rough as we headed towards the Steps.

Those were the highlights this morning.

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