Saturday, November 21, 2009

21st November 2009

The rain held off this morning although it was mostly overcast. I met up with DK and we headed off down the main path. DK spotted a Water Rail in the main lake reed bed and it showed quite well before it found some better cover in the thicker reeds. We headed down the Spit which was generally quiet excepting the 5 Little Grebe on west fingers, Chiffchaff and Treecreeper. DK mentioned that he and TP had watched an Otter on West Fingers for ~10 minutes the previous morning with very good views as it hunted. Another 2 Little Grebe were spotted in the south end of east fingers. DK headed off towards the steps while myself and John stopped off at the beach where John spotted a Tufted Duck over by the main lake hide, through the scope. A phone call from DK had us hurrying back to the Spit where the Otter was showing well again. We watched it for ~45 minutes as it hunted on west fingers with views down to a few feet. It was obviously well aware of us but seemed indifferent as it continued to hunt, catching many small roach.

The Otter finally moved out of sight north along the edge of the spit so we wandered around to Kramer hide where a single male Teal showed. Around the back of Fingers another Teal was flushed. (DK had 9 Teal). Heading towards the rough we flushed many Redwing from the sheep pen. Odd Fieldfare joined the throng. Earlier we had 2 Sparrowhawk sightings which had put up parties of Redwing.

John spotted a second Tufted Duck when we reached the beach again. Earlier a pair of Shoveler were spotted over by the main lake hide and we had a pair over while we were standing in the crescent.

At the canoe slalom a single Grey Wagtail was spotted but was surprisingly well camouflaged as it hunted small insects. Another call from DK and we were heading towards Fenlake where we had a female Stonechat on the Reed Mace. On the way we spotted a Bullfinch in the scrub opposite the Barns Hotel.

By this time the Sun was putting in an appearance to cap a glorious morning.

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Errol said...

Proof - if proof's needed - that Otters acn be seen in the daytime. My best viewing was in the same place at the same time of year. And the sun was shining!